Hullabaloo Volunteer Guide

Hullabaloo Volunteer Guide Click Here To Download Guide

Thank you for joining us as we serve our local community by providing a safe place for families to play and enjoy the turning of a season. Without your sacrificial giving and service this would not be possible. If you have not signed up to help but wish to give a hand on the day of the event we would still love to have your help. There is a map attached to this guide that will help you navigate where you are suppose to be; please refer to it when looking over this guide.

Included in this guide is a schedule for those who signed up to help with inflatables and other misc. booths. If you are helping with a game booth tied to a specific ministry please contact that ministry leader for your schedule (all game booths are tied to specific ministries). Please arrive at your station 5-10 minutes prior to the start of your shift so that the volunteers ahead of you can demonstrate how your station works. For those working the first shift at 3pm, please arrive at 2:45pm so that you can receive the instructions for your station. (Use the schedule to locate where and when you will be serving then refer to the map to know the location of your station.)

Set-Up/Clean-Up Crews
If you signed up for the set-up crew please arrive at 1:30pm and meet with Pastor Tim Carter at the Selfie Station to receive set-up instructions. If you signed up for the clean-up crew please meet with Pastor Tim at the Selfie Station at 5:50pm. (See map for selfie station location)

Ministry Leaders/Game Booths
If you are a ministry leader with a game please arrive at 1:30pm to begin setting up your booths and preparing for the event. (See map for game locations)

Bathrooms are available on site for all volunteers and visitors. However, they are not located within walking distance of the event. Bathrooms are located to the west of the entrance to the State Fair.
If you have any further questions please contact Pastor Tim.

Station 1:30pm to 2:30pm
Set-Up Crew Sean Moore, Mark Wagenknecht, Patricia Flowers, Jeff Stoney, Emma Flowers, Doug Tillman, Dean & Paula Guier
Station 3pm to 4pm 4pm to 5pm 5pm to 6pm
Shark Slide Sean Moore

Mark Wagenknecht

Greg & Lori Severa Chuck & Angie Marshall
Tornado Slide Dava Hahn

John & Wilma Madrid

Stan & Kelly Ritzert Dava Hahn

Patricia Flowers

Toddler Crawl Through Lonnie & Lori Smith Katie Carter

Teresa Tylar

Kellie Guffey

Rhonda Ulmer

Bounce House 1 Patricia & Emma Flowers Kim Marimon

Dava Hahn

Dalton & Haily Zeremba
Bounce House 2 Brandon & Heather Wallace Amanda Lewis

Faith Lewis

Chase & Noah Marshall
Selfie Station Kim, Ellie, and Jazmyn Marimon Brandon & Heather Wallace Pat & Janice Allred



Station 6pm to 6:45pm
Clean-Up Crew Mark Wagenknecht, Patricia Flowers, Pat & Janice Allred, Christy Willing, Debbie McGraw