Joseph was a carpenter from Nazareth who thought his life was going exactly the way it should.  He was engaged to be married to a young girl named Mary.  He was excited about the future, until he found out Mary was pregnant-and he was NOT the father.

Joseph made a plan to break off his engagement with Mary quietly so that she would not be shamed.  Instead, an angel appeared to him and gave him anohter explaination.  The angel gave Joseph a plan that was WAY different than the plan he had come up with.

Obeying God’s plan took courage.  It was out of the box and came with substantial risk.  Joseph obeyed, and he was blessed.  In the lesson this week, the kids learned that obeying God’s plan is never easy, but it ALWAYS worth it!

“Joyful are those who obey his laws and search for him with all their hearts.” –Psalm 119:2

I Will Obey Whatever God May Say!

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