I have been really convicted lately about some things…really convicted. It’s been good! Don’t get me wrong, the discipline of God is never a pleasant experience. Yet, for the believer, it is necessary and liberating!

What’s been so convicting? you ask…

I have been doing a spiritual inventory. It is great to look back and see God’s work in your life. However, one thing that I have been challenged on is prayer. I love communion with God. Recently, I was moved to a moment of inward weeping as we observed the Lord’s Supper. I latched on to the precious offer of Christ to come and taste the goodness of God. Imagine a God who offers His children to come and commune on Him…you don’t have to! He exists and offers sweet fellowship to His children.

Prayer is a part of our communion. We study the Bible to know Truth, to see the manifest Christ, and to be sanctified into His image. The Spirit of God is given to us to help in the communion process (Romans 8). Prayer is an opportunity to lift our concerns, bear our hearts, and be changed through communication with God. In prayer, we see God move mountains. In prayer, we seek God’s Kingdom brought to earth (Matthew 6). I love prayer!

What I have not done well is lead others in prayer. I’ve preached on it, supported prayer movements in the church, led men in prayer faithfully every Tuesday morning, counseled others in it, and exercised it with my staff and elders. But, all those have their limitations.

So…here is what I’m going to do.

I’m going to invite you – yes, YOU! – into my prayer life. For most of my ministry, I have kept a prayer list with me everyday. It is updated regularly. I don’t pray over every item, person, or situation everyday. Rather, I systematically work through this list every month.

Tired of the #28 day challenge – #40 day challenge – #my spouse is better than yours – challenges????

Here’s one to give a try.

In the month of February, every morning I am going to post my prayer point for the day. I invite you to join me in that prayer on each day.

Whether one person or 800 join me each day, you will decide. What I would love to know is your story. As the people of faith voice our prayers in unison each day, there’s bound to be some testimonies of God’s power. Whether you want to share what God does in your life over the course of the next 28 days is your decision. I would love to hear your stories. Send me messages, emails, or (if you feel comfortable) share on social media what God has done…or cherish God’s work in your heart.

Every morning I will post my prayer for the day on Twitter and FaceBook with #praytogether.

Let’s pray together…

Pastor Chris, For the Fame of HIs Name