Verse 1

No pen or quill no scribe in perfect skill

With flawless words could capture all You are

No lofty thought no scholar of this world

Could grasp an inch of such infinity


Though we cannot comprehend

Such a mystery

Just a glimpse of You revealed

Is compelling us to sing

Chorus 1

Holy holy is the Lord God almighty

Worthy worthy is Your name

All of heaven joins the universe ever crying

Worthy worthy is Your name

Verse 2

With hearts amazed and songs that never frame

The fullness of Your worth and majesty

We come again and fall on bended knee

And here adore the God that we don’t see

Verse 3

When You return we’ll hear the trumpet sound

You’ll lead us home riding on the clouds

Where we will stand and sing forevermore

The honor and the praise the glory is the Lord’s